Just a Baker Street Muse (cluegirl) wrote in middle_street,
Just a Baker Street Muse

The Middle Street paypal donation button. Testing things out...

So. For what it's worth, we are setting up a Mandala House repair kitty for fans, followers, and sympathizers of Our House in the Middle of the Street.

We will also be putting some effort into doing at least one house-based post every Sunday, along with some photos of whatever we've got going on, just by way of keeping things from falling into another six month hush like we've had earlier this year. It's not that we've not been DOING anything on Mandala House, you see, just that we've not been documenting our adventures. And so we shall henceforth attempt to make our trials, tribulations, triumphs and moments of terror a bit more public, and hopefully entertaining as well.

And if you find yourself entertained, and with a couple of dollars to spare, we'll try to remember to put out the repair kitty as well. Because as we say so often, She's an old house and we love her, but our grand old Lady is terribly terribly needy.

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