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The abstinence in question being from bitching about The Show, Being Tired, Relationships, Writing Is Hard, or Money for the duration of this post. You're welcome.


So in a fit of frustrated determination last week, I decided to take out my pique on the chain link fence on the Southeast side of the property. I'd taken down the one on the Southwest two years ago, and had loved the way it opened up the side yard to the light.

The other side of it was nearer the entry door, and wanted the reformation even more desperately. So, lacking traction in any of the other frustrating arenas of my life, I set my will, determination, and not inconsiderable body mass to ripping chain link support poles out of the muddy springtime ground, with or without their concrete plugs attached, and to detatching chain mesh therefrom. (I've had help with that, by the way -- another redheaded amazon, name of Maggie, known and loved by all, hereabouts, it seems.)

We plan to use what poles we can salvage from the chain link fence to replace the rotted-out wooden poles in the back fence this summer. (Turns out the reason we've been having such trouble with that back fence recently, is that the people who put it in thought they might save some money, and just bury the wood posts into the ground without benefit of concrete anchorage. Oddly enough, they've all rotted away at the soil line, and as of right now the only thing holding the fence upright at all is the bracing we've installed to nurse it along over the past few years.) So we're planning on being excessively clever about things, and rigging a fusion system that will allow us to recycle the intact panel sections and have them supported by metal poles between. No, it won't look like a DIY channel special, but by god it won't rot out while we're trying to get other bloody things done!

So, attendant to removing the fence, we had a metric shitload of leaf- and other-trash to remove from that sideyard, as well as from the area of the backyard where, until Friday, we'd stacked the remnants of the old pool deck. (I finally hit the wall on that one, and called a haul-it-away service on that shite. Wept myself a little tear of joy after they finished, and handed over $300 of my book fund with only a little wince.)

Over the past several days, we have filled ten leaf bags, added three or four full barrels of leaftrash to our current compost pile, dug up countless maple sprouts and invasive seedlings, built a bed for my sage plants out of recycled bricks, and planted three varieties of sage therein. My backyard hasn't looked this good in years.

I expect there will be pictures tomorrow.

And now, I'm going to bed!
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