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Summertime, and the living is weedy

So now that the weird, Not-Even-Winter has passed here in upstate NY, it's now time once again to stop looking around the place and thinking 'damn, I've got to get to that soon,' and starting to... well, get TO some of that.

It's begun with the gardens. Last year, due to my health issues, I officially turned the gardening over to aquila_dominus and naturespirit. I helped build the garden boxes, and I did a bit of the watering and harvesting, but overall, I kept to the indoors and let the outdoors see to itself. This year it is not happening that way. At all.

We've already started a bed of peas, and put in broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, garlic, and shallots. We've seeded the end of one of the beds for carrots and beets, put in a new blueberry and blackberry bush (well, bare root canes, which will take a couple of years to get to bearing size, by which time we'll have a permanent home for them, we like to think,) and started tomatoes and peppers inside for later on in the month.

Meanwhile, I've been pulling maple sprouts by the hundreds, digging up random poisonous weeds (hello, pokeweed and nightshade, howthehellareya!?) and getting abreast of all the pruning chores I did not do last winter. I've moved the firewood out of the spot where another garden plot will go, and laid the footprint out for it, we've pulled out the soil around the back deck, where the old herb garden was meant to be, so we can take the chainsaw to that bad boy soon, and get a gravel bed down as a placeholder for it (much less slippery and dangerous, you see.)

And then... oh, then, The Back Fence. You see, it's been held up with string, chewing gum, and determined denial of gravity for about four years now. Problem is, when the fence was put in originally, they just buried the wood posts in the dirt without any kind of footing at all. This was well over twenty years ago, mind. It's a fucking miracle this thing has stood so long at all. But at this point, all the fence posts are resting on the dirt, subject to every little breeze that happens to wander by, and propped haphazardly on both sides. We've got to get new posts into place, solidly secure them, and then figure out how to reuse the extant palings with the new configuration, because we canNOT bloody well afford to replace those too just now. And besides; they're in pretty good shape, overall.

Then there will be the framing-in of the side porch to become a lockable shed for the bicycles, lawnmower, and snowthrower. And THEN there will be the finishing up of the shoe-room's demolition, fixing the leaky bathtub in the room above it, moving the radiator, taking up the hardwood floor, taking OUT the window, and replacing it with a door, adding steps, and then... well then we turn it over to the electrician while we buy sheetrock and tile. But after that, the reconstruction of the room can FINALLY begin. I can't tell you how exciting it will be to have a usable room in that chunk of hallway for a change!

And in the meantime, Mandala House's gardens are blooming just as fast as they can. Tulips and lavender, lilies and violets, roses and cherry blossoms and bleeding heart and dandelions and azalea and hyacinth and lilacs and rowan all making the most of the early warmth we've been given this year. It's beautiful right now.

It will be beautiful this year, as well.
Beautiful, and busy!
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