Just a Baker Street Muse (cluegirl) wrote in middle_street,
Just a Baker Street Muse

... Are subject to the whims of Cats and Women.

The tag sale is not happening this weekend.

This is for a couple of reasons, not least of which is incipient wetness which the soggy midwest keeps slinging our way. Neither aquila_dominus not I have any interest in hustling stuff in and out of cover at the whim of the great northeast phenomenon that is An Afternoon Of Line Storms. (30 minutes of blue skies at a stretch, punctuated by fast moving, drenching racks of thunderstorms that roll through, soak everything, and then piss off. Then 30 minutes later, the next batch rolls through. Yeah, big fun, that.)

Secondly, my week of purging has rendered our stock of sale items more or less doubled... and that's just the stuff I'm clearing out of MY office. I haven't even had time to start on the clothes or shoes yet. And Dominus has been rather hard done-by at work this week, so he's not precisely ready either.

We figured we could use the extra time to get all our ducks into a row.
Then we can shoot the downy wee bastids NEXT week.

So, if you were thinking to come and pillage this week, we'd love to see you and all, but you can't have any of our stuff. Unless you come and help us clean/tag things, then you might just get first pick, you never can tell.

In other news, we have first blood for the weekend already. Amplifier crate - 1, Clue's left little toe - 0. Impact split, complete with swelling and ickiness. I have a Scooby Doo bandage, and a stash of Percosets, should I need them though, so I figure I got out pretty well -- at least I didn't dislocate the damned thing this time!
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