Ken (aquila_dominus) wrote in middle_street,

Clue and I

have been notoriously bad about posting photos of the reconstruction.  We've been taking them mind you, just not posting them.  This is somewhat photo heavy, thus

This shot is from the Dining Room looking into the Library before we put anything inside

This is another shot from the Dining Room

This is a shot of the Library from the Living Room

I can't find the shots of the Living Room with nothing in it, but here is what it looks like now

From the Entry Way.  The hutch full of DVDs was a $15 find at a local furniture warehouse.

This shot is taken from the corner to the left of the TV in the shot above

And this really dark shot is from the Library back into the Living Room

The Library, from the Living Room

Another of the same

The Library from the Dining Room

And another from the DR

So, that's what we've been up to the last few weeks.

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