Just a Baker Street Muse (cluegirl) wrote in middle_street,
Just a Baker Street Muse

It's an ex-fence.

So, for want of any creative juice whilst Dominus is off cavorting in Denver, I tapped into some destructive juices instead.

There used to be a fence there. Not much of a fence, true -- rather manky, and prone to sway dangerously when so much as a cat brushed up against it, but for all that it was till a suprising amount of work to take it down. Things were complicated by the neighbor's lovely hostas on one side, and by my prickly Wild Bess rose on the other. And by the spiders, of course, but only a couple of those bit me, and so far I don't seem to be developing spinnerettes in my wrists, or accidentally climbing the walls to lurk about the ceiling, so I'm thinking I'll be okay.

I managed the job in two days with a claw bar, an impact driver, and a bit of aggro. Tomorrow, I believe I'm going to see if I can figure out how to get rid of the old, bent-up chain-link fence that runs from the lilac bushes (down right,) to the house, which gets a little more crushed each year when the ice dams fall off the slate roof. Since we've taken out the pool, there's no real liability reason for having the chain link fences there, and personally, I think they're an eyesore, so I would rather by far that they were gone. The only thing I'll miss about them, is when the purple morning glories come in later this summer, but I'm sure I can rig some kind of lattice there for them to climb. Later on this summer, Dominus and I will install a new fence at the rear of the house, where it will be safe from ice-falls, but also we'll be putting in something rather nicer than chain link for it. And in the meantime, I'm going to start on plans for a rose garden in the side yard that the fence's removal will open up to the sun.

So -- any procedural suggestions on how a maid alone, with some power tools, but no recourse to assistance, ought to tackle the job of taking out 20-odd feet of 6 foot chain link fence?
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