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Today was

a productive day.

It started with a trip to Home Depot to get the needed materials to finish the project and then a return home.  Once home we got all the tools needed out into the work area, selected the clapboard for use and then got to work.  The work started a bit slow but once we got into the groove things went much more quickly.  Unfortunately, part of finding that groove involved me getting stung by a bee.  What we learned today is that yes I'm still allergic, yes the allergy is still mild, benedryl topical and pills are a wonderful thing and no we did not end up going to the emergency room.

The clapboard is now on the wall and caulked.  Once the caulk dries we will get back on the roof and prime then paint but we did manage to get the project as far as possible today.  The painting will either be tomorrow or during the week.  All and all, a productive day.

and now

This is to prove that she did get back up the ladder and on to the roof.

And here's what we accomplished.

We also managed to put all the tools away, which for us is a major accomplishment as well.  Additionally, .

and before you comment, yes it's charcoal.  I'm a good southern boy, gas a BBQ does not make.  It does have a raising and lowering coal tray that will allow me to move the coals from touching the grill to around 12 inches.

I am a happy Dominus.
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