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Way overdue

Early in the Spring, early enough that we were wearing flannels for most of the work, Clue and I took out the 10'x10' patio in the back yard.  This patio was laid using those pre-form concrete things that's supposed to look like stones... well it's also supposed to be set on a base which this one was not.  The whole thing was in bad shape and we had better ideas for the individual stones since we now knew they were individual.  We pried up the lot and gave ourselves a new path by the partially laid new cobblestone patio.  I do not have photos of the patio before we started as, well, we didn't take any... ever.

The only real change from these photos till now is that there is a free standing planting bed taking up 1/2 of the old pad site.  A second will be built this summer and prepped for gardening next spring.

The patio space

The front 2/3 of the path

The back 2/3 of the path

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