Just a Baker Street Muse (cluegirl) wrote in middle_street,
Just a Baker Street Muse

But all I really wanna do is take an axe and smash something!

No, it isn't a politics post, I promise.

We're still stalled on the side porch project. Weather turned tits up yesterday around noon, and it hasn't stopped since. Thanks, Ike, ya bastard. I know you're still down in the gulf, but it's convenient to blame you, and I figure everyone else is, so why the hell not?

Anyway. Turns out the siding we need to replace isn't made anymore. Hasn't been made since the 1830's or so, which is when the back half of the house was built. There's something we can get that's marginally close, but it won't look like anything other than the patch job it is. Our other option was that we might install a band of cedar shake there, which we CAN still get, and act like it was a deliberate design choice, picking up the shake on the turret on the other corner of the house. This isn't too far fetched, either, since yesterday I noticed that the house next door -- the one owned by the Troy City Engineer, has a band of cedar shake from the roof of their garage-enclosure-add-on, to the base of the upper floor windows, and it looks just fine, and even somewhat deliberate.

So we hadn't really decided which we were going to go with as of last night, but given that we still have to take saws, sledges and axes to the remnants of the porch before we can actually DO anything at all, we figured we'd have some time to work that out.

Up until it started to rain this morning.
And then Dominus' pager started going off.
And as of now, we're both in a profound state of grumpy-fuckits over the whole thing.

Dominus burned two days of vacation so that we could do this, and the way it's looking now, we might JUST get the demolition finished by Sunday night, if we're lucky. Dammit.

So that's where it stands as of right now.
I'll let you know if anything changes.
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