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Yesterday, great big huge progress was made on the porch of doom.  After Clue broke her collar bone coming off the ladder last month, nothing much has happened on the side porch project other than purchasing some lumber.  Yesterday a friend of ours came over and we completely transformed the are into something that I can now complete the work on by myself.  We put facing boards on the house, saturated felt over that, rafters, the decking (no mean feat for just two guys) and then the box frame.  There's still plenty of work to do but I can do all the rest on my own.  I might just take a day off work to do same so I don't chew up a week day.

This is how we started the day:

I was bad and did not get photos of the wallboards before we got the rafters up but we were making huge strides so I didn't think about the camera till too late.  At least I got it before we completely finished.

I wish there was film of us getting the decking up to that height cause it was quite the impressive feat, especially since the lower end of the rafters is 10' and some change off ground level.  Anyway, here are a shot with the decking in place.

The final step was to put in the box for stability, the ceiling and front face.

As I said, there's still a lot left to do but this is an amazing amount of progress.
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