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We finally

managed to close up the house... and get pictures up.

I should have had the photos done earlier but we went from 'finish the wall mode' to 'clean for a party' mode.  The party's over and now I've got the photos done.

The contractors came and jacked up the house on Thursday the 17th.  We don't have any photos of their work alone but they did quite a nice job.  We opened the house up past the window and pulled out bricks on Wed night so they could properly join the sill.  This was done so the splice would be on the far side of the window and the whole window would be on the new sill.  We're glad we did since we had more water damage than we thought and a couple of cripple studs also needed to be sistered.

Friday, I ended up working from home and thus snuck out at lunch to get some of the insulation in where the most recent set of bricks had come out.

It was quite cold that day as well.  This hat was not too much.

The next morning we pulled all the plastic down to inspect what was in ahead of us for the day.

The rot in places was more extensive than originally thought.

We were not intimidated however and set to with the sistering of boards

After we got all the reinforcing done, we add real insulation... not brick

We ended Saturday with the Tyvek up and most of the facing boards in place

Sunday, was not as productive.  We got the rest of the lumber we needed and got to work.  We finished the facing boards and got the bottom 4 clapboards on, we also got no pictures, except of the tools which I'm not posting.  This is because it was snowing when we started and while we didn't mind working in the snow, it changed over to rain and we called it quits, with no photos.  I took Monday off in order to finish the work before the party weekend and the impending cold.

Part way through the day, we needed a break and took a photo

and about 2 hours after we started, we had everything finished up.

All the caulking is done as well.  Clue did that while I cut each new board.  From here, it's all inside work till the spring when we shall paint the clapboard but one winter exposed will not be a major issue.  That room is now also the warmest in the house.

More photos as the project continues but this is a huge step.  The porch roof no longer runs water down the wall.  The sill has been repaired.  The main beam of the house has new supports.  The wall is up and secure.  I finally feel like we're making solid progress again.
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